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FindARentalHome is a web site designed for the benefit of both prospective tenants looking for their next dream home, and property managers who have dream homes they need to let.

The aim is to create a world wide community of property managers in different locations who all help to promote their section of the web site.  This promotional work helps to benefit all those involved.  As the web site grows, more people will come to visit and view the properties on offer.  Property managers benefit from the additional coverage their properties get, and tenants benefit from a wider range and selection of properties available.

FindARentalHome is a division of First Byte Solutions Ltd - the same company which has developed the RentMaster Property Management software system.  This business has been operating since 1997 and specialises in software for property managers and landlords.  RentMaster provides every day management software and investment analysis, with the ability to very easily add vacant properties to this web site, and remove them again.

RentMaster is written in Visual Basic 6 as a desktop application.  This web site is written using VB.NET and ASP.NET, and uses a SQL Server Database as the back end data store running on Windows servers.

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